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The Tapestry of Spaces

A composition by ChatGPT

Seven rooms of the KUNSTLABOR 2 exhibition in Munich serve as the starting point for this project – a digital artwork that combines classical music, AI composition, street art and immersive audio and video technology in a unique way. 

At the heart of the project is the playful and creative use of ChatGPT as a classical composer, making the creative potential of artificial intelligence a tangible experience. Using photos of the rooms designed by the artists, ChatGPT generated the melodic material for five individual instruments, each assigned to a specific room. Additionally, two rooms are used for differently composed groups of instruments.

The arrangers’ engagement with the guidelines provided by ChatGPT sheds light on the extent to which the GPT AI can serve as a source of inspiration and thematic ideas, as well as on the limitations of the technology in the artistic processing of musical ideas. 

The composition in the seven art spaces was filmed in VR180 3D with immersive audio and the result has also been part of the exhibition at KUNSTLABOR 2 in Munich since 24 June 2023. Thanks to the Snacker VR system by Eden, the composition has been made accessible for exhibition visitors at any time, offering an immersive experience.

A production by KUNSTLABOR 2, the Munich Symphony Orchestra, Pegasus 51 and MSM Studios Munich.

LMG Racing Club

Laura-Marie Geissler

An NFT community that breaks the boundaries in sports sponsoring. A community that stands for pure, self-empowered female racing. The LMG Racing Club is a project aimed at empowering women in technology and entrepreneurship through NFTs and motorsport.

At the heart of this endeavor is Laura-Marie Geissler, a self-confident racer who fearlessly challenges the status quo.

The project aims to address the challenges faced by female racers in seeking funding and sponsorship opportunities in the industry. By leveraging Web3 and NFTs, the LMG Racing Club funds Laura-Marie Geissler's racing career and sets the goal of creating opportunities for women in technology.