Digital, on-site or hybrid - no matter in which form, calendars are always well filled with appointments and events. We are aware of this and therefore want to announce two important events for the fall season 2022 early on:


Innovation Day 2022 will take place on Wednesday, September 28, 2022 at the new House of Communication in Munich, where we'll also close out the evening with an opening ceremony.


The CMO of the Year will be chosen a few weeks later on the evening of October 19, 2022 at the CMO Award Night 2022 in Munich.


More details about the program will follow in June. 


These are the highlights of Innovation Day 2021:

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Consultant and author

The German-American is one of the most astute pioneers of a new humanism in technology, business and society in the context of digitalisation and artificial intelligence. His books are bestsellers and his TED Talks have attracted millions of views. Tim Leberecht is the co-founder of the House of Beautiful Business, a global network at the interface of technology, management, science and art.

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Editor-in-Chief Süddeutsche Zeitung

Judith Wittwer is the first woman at the helm of German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. Together with Wolfgang Krach, she has been running the editorial office of Germany’s largest subscribed daily newspaper since July 2020. Prior to that, the 43-year-old from Switzerland was Editor-in-Chief of Swiss daily newspaper Tages-Anzeiger. From 2011 to 2014 she worked as business editor for the Handelszeitung business newspaper by the Axel Springer Verlag. Wittwer studied International Affairs at the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and completed her diploma training at MAZ – the Swiss School of Journalism. She is married and has two daughters. 

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Publisher Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

In 1993, he completed a traineeship at the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. His first editorial position followed his journalistic training in 1995: he moved to Düsseldorf to work as a correspondent for the “Börsen-Zeitung”, a financial newspaper. In 1996, Carsten Knop returned to the Düsseldorf office of the F.A.Z., the newspaper where he completed his traineeship. From the beginning of 2018 until March 2020, Carsten was Editor-in-Chief for Digital Products, before taking on the role of publisher in April 2020.

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Entrepreneur and author

The entrepreneur and author is one of the most prominent faces for gender equality in Germany. She is the founder and CEO of Global Digital Women, the largest international network for women from the digital sector. More diversity in the world of work and business is also the topic of her widely acclaimed documentary film “Yes She Can” (Amazon Prime). She is one of the 100 most influential women in the German economy.

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Chair of the employer initiative "Charta der Vielfalt"

Ana-Cristina Grohnert is the Chair of the employers' initiative "Charta der Vielfalt" (Charter of Diversity), an association under the patronage of German Chancellor Angela Merkel that promotes diversity in German companies. From 2017 to 2019, she was the Board Member for Human Resources and Internal Services at Allianz Deutschland. In 2019, manager magazin and the Boston Consulting Group named her one of the most influential women in German business. Her latest book, “Das verborgene Kapital” (Hidden Capital), was published this spring by Campus.

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Founder and Director of the Center for Intersectional Justice & author

The politics graduate, activist and author is the founder and Executive Director of the Center for Intersectional Justice (CIJ) in Berlin. She teaches courses on Intersectionality Theory, Postcolonial Studies, Critical Race Theory and International Law at universities in Germany, France and the USA. She gives keynotes and presentations around Europe, including on the topics of diversity and inclusion, and was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2020.

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COO/Managing Director

Together with her two partners, Bettina Prange is Managing Director/Chief Operations Officer of the House of Communication Hamburg, which is the Serviceplan Group’s second largest office location with over 350 employees. In 2011 she joined the Serviceplan Group as Consultancy Manager. In 2018 Bettina was appointed COO and Member of the Management Board and in 2021 she was promoted to Managing Director.

Bettina Prange developed the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy for the Serviceplan Group and has been driving it forward since 2020. One of her focal topics is the promotion of women within the Serviceplan Group. In 2021 she launched the first mentoring programme for women at Serviceplan. 

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Der SPIEGEL correspondent and Silicon-Valley-Expert

The journalist and bestselling author knows Silicon Valley like no one else. As a correspondent for German news magazine SPIEGEL, he has been reporting from the centre of the digital revolution and providing in-depth analyses of the technology industry’s culture, function and strategies since 2012. Following on from the success of his bestselling business book “Was Google wirklich will” (What Google Really Wants), which was published by Penguin, he is focusing his attention on the next revolution that is coming our way from Silicon Valley – the reinvention of medicine. He has won the Henri Nannen Prize, the Georg von Holtzbrinck Prize for Economic Journalism and Reporter of the Year for his work.

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Marketing Director Central Europe, BSH Hausgeräte GmbH

As the Marketing Director for Central Europe at BSH Hausgeräte, Michael Bohn is responsible for the entire consumer, trade and product marketing of the brands Bosch, Siemens, Neff, Gaggenau and Constructa. This includes the marketing strategy as well as the operative implementation in brand teams, digital marketing, live communication, PR, D2C etc. He is also business owner for the end-to-end consumer journey management. He previously worked as Head of International Brand Marketing at Siemens, Director of Brand Marketing for North America in the USA, Global Marketing Director and Marketing Director Germany at Bosch. 

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Founder and Head of Trends at the agency Insider Trends

Cate Trotter is regarded as one of the most influential retail experts in the world. She always knows what the next big thing in the world of retail will be and what her clients can do to always be one step ahead of their competitors. The Brit is the founder and Head of Trends at London-based retail futures agency Insider Trends, where she supports top brands like Chanel, Marks & Spencer, Swarovski, Fujitsu, Metro Group, Samsung, Mercedes, Nike, Lego and Johnson & Johnson in developing innovations and creating world-leading retail ecosystems.

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Trendscout Future of Work Life & Learn at Vitra

There are few people who have such visionary, exciting and surprising insights into the workplace of the future as Raphael Gielgen. As a “Future of Work Trend Scout”, the Swiss native researches the latest trends in the future of work and working environments for Vitra. To do this, he spends around 200 days a year on the road, visiting companies, universities and start-ups, meeting people, studying concepts and cultural trends, holding conversations and reading piles of books and articles – always driven by his irrepressible curiosity, a constant pursuit of explanation and the desire to turn everything on its head.

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General Manager / Head of Transformation, Serviceplan Group

Karin Maria Schertler is Head of Transformation at the Serviceplan Group and an expert in New Work. Her responsibilities in this role include the change process and the agile project set-up of weMOVE: in mid-2022 the Serviceplan Group in Munich will be moving into its new House of Communication (HoC), which will also be the international agency group’s new headquarters. Over 1,500 colleagues will be relocating to Munich’s hippest neighbourhood, the Werksviertel, not far from the Ostbahnhof (Munich East railway station), where they will be taking ÜberCreativity to the next level.

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Painter, graphic artist and sculptor

Painter Markus Lüpertz is regarded as an exceptional talent. His artworks enjoy national and international acclaim and he is among the most successful representatives of German contemporary painting. Many of his bronze sculptures are displayed in public spaces and his works are shown in renowned collections and museums in Germany and abroad. Markus Lüpertz’ first exhibition was at the Michael Werner Gallery in Cologne in 1968. In 1974 he organised the first Biennale Berlin and in the same year he accepted the professorship for painting at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe. In 1986 he became a professor at the Art Academy Düsseldorf and was appointed director two years later. His tenure at one of the most significant academies in Germany lasted for over 20 years. During this time, he taught artists who later went on to become internationally renowned and therefore also influenced the development of German and international art as a teacher. 

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Global CCO and partner at Serviceplan Group

As Chief Creative Officer of Europe's largest independent agency network he is at the centre of Serviceplan Group`s innovative influence – since 2006. In just five years Alex Schill brought Serviceplan to the front row in national and international creative rankings. He thereby was awarded and recognized across the globe and supported the network`s worldwide growth with today more than 24 offices in 17 countries. He envisions global award-winning creativity for some of the world’s leading brands and brings to life ideas for, amongst others, the visually impaired, the voice of refugees or the perception of environmental problems.

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