Serviceplan Group

The Serviceplan Group is the largest and most diversified owner- and partner-managed agency group in Europe.

Founded in 1970 as a traditional advertising agency, Serviceplan quickly developed its “House of Communication” concept, creating the only fully integrated agency model in Germany, combining all communication disciplines under one roof. Whether brand strategists, creative, experience designers, marketing-technology experts, CRM experts, data scientists, market researchers, PR consultants or sales professionals, at Serviceplan, everyone works together to achieve a common goal.

The Serviceplan Agency Group is represented in 34 countries worldwide with 24 agency locations plus additional local partnerships. The media agency Mediaplus, our digital agency Plan.Net and our market research institute Facit, rank as market leaders in their respective competitive environments. The precisely coordinated interaction of more than 40 specialist agencies focused on creativity, technology and media, makes Serviceplan the leading agency group for innovative communication. 

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REPUBLIC was set up to serve the marketing communication needs of both the Frankfurter Allgemeine and Süddeutsche Zeitung newspapers. The following manifesto contains our most important principles – principles that define our thoughts, actions and the work we do for you.

1 Our customers are our prime focus. Our working relationship begins with a commitment to understanding the challenges you face. We take everything into account – your brand, your target group and your market environment. This means that the next step for us involves viewing our media and its readership from your perspective.

2 There is no substitute for top-quality media. Frankfurter Allgemeine and Süddeutsche Zeitung are now reaching more people than ever, demonstrating just how important they are for the Federal Republic of Germany. While fake news is dividing our society, reliable information brings people together in constructive discourse. This integrative driving force is the basis for our promise of superior quality.

3 Excellent journalism has a top-down influence. Frankfurter Allgemeine and Süddeutsche Zeitung are held in the highest regard by society’s opinion leaders and multipliers. Through digitalisation, our media will also allow you to reach broader cross sections of sophisticated target groups: the cross-media reach currently stands at around 30 million readers a month (b4p 2020 III).

4 Smart solutions call for people who think differently. To enable our brand communication to win over these sophisticated target groups, we think differently and develop highly effective solutions from a single source. These range from traditional advertisements to designing multi-platform content marketing campaigns for you: in other words, anything from a reliable outfit for everyday wear to an exclusive tailor-made suit for special occasions.

5 Relevant issues belong on the agenda of the whole country. We make sure your communication is the ideal fit for your brand, target group and environment – and that it packs as powerful a punch as possible. In this way, you will reach sophisticated target groups throughout the entire country and make your influence felt. This commitment is also reflected in our name, which is also a nod to “res publica” – those “public matters” that make an important contribution to social discourse in the form of relevant issues covered in the media marketed by REPUBLIC.

Smart solutions in inspiring environments result in meaningful media – allowing brands to reach their communication goals with maximum authenticity.

We look forward to working with you on this. Get to know us.

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Ad Alliance

Ad Alliance is an expert partner to advertising customers and media agencies, offering the custom creation and orchestration of cross-media campaigns and meeting a rising demand in the market for cross-category marketing services.

Ad Alliance has been combining the expertise of a strong network of media partners since 2016: IP Deutschland, G+J e|MS, smartclip, SPIEGEL MEDIA and as service provider for Media Impact – a quality portfolio spanning TV, print, online, mobile and audio. It offers customised staging across every platform, including native advertising, performance and influencer marketing. As well as creating content, Ad Alliance offers technical solutions for the delivery of advertising, from programmatic to data-based. The combined platforms marketed by Ad Alliance reach 99 percent of the German population

You will find further information, including about cross-media campaigns we have run, on the various marketers’ websites.

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