The council was established at the beginning of 2017 to make the CMO of the Year Award a representative award for the entire industry. Around 90 influential Chief Marketing Officers from renowned companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are responsible for the impartial selection of the CMO of the Year nominees, making the award the sector’s most prestigious honour.

Ronald Focken

Patron "CMO of the Year“ Council

“No one can understand the challenges facing CMOs better than other CMOs. That’s why the CMO of the Year Council is not only part of the jury, but also an exclusive club, a think-tank and sometimes even a circle of friends. This is where the country’s best CMOs can communicate with each other openly and where new ideas are developed.”

With the “CMO of the Year” award, the members of the “CMO of the Year” Council, the previous year’s winner and the Innovation Day partners are honouring the Chief Marketing Officer who has most successfully met these requirements over the one-year review period. The CMO of the Year is therefore considered to be the representative role model for the entire sector. 

The Council

Roland Adrian


Tim Alexander

Deutsche Bank

Maximilian Backhaus


Felix Bartels

Serviceplan Group

Claudia Baumschlager

Sanova Pharma

Dr. Martell Beck

DB Cargo

Birgit Berthold-Kremser

(former) Peek & Cloppenburg

Jean Bouvain

Vita 34 AG

Kirsten Brückner

(former) StepStone

Kirstin Brunkhorst

Froneri Ice Cream

Marco Buschmeier

delta pronatura

Christine Carboni

CDU Deutschland

Josèphine Chamoulaud Versicherungen

Dagmar Chlosta


Petra Czora


Susanne Dickhardt


Anke Drewicke


Jenny Fleischer


Erik Friemuth

Premier Inn

Selena Gabat


Michael Götz

Gustavo Gusto

Bernhard Graf

Paul Hartmann

Karoline Haderer

Nürnberger Verischerung

Nicole Hagenbring

Messe München

Andrea Hänggi

Lindt & Sprüngli

Nina Hebein

Exakt Health

Patricio Hetfleisch

Tirol Werbung

Ivo Hoevel


Carsten Hoffmann

Lufthansa Group

Rune Hoffmann

Asklepios Kliniken

Maren Huth


Pascal Jenny

Arosa Tourismus

Niels Klamma


Silvio Kusche


Karsten Kühn


Andreas Ladich

Vienna Airport

Julian Lennertz


Marcus van Marwick

ThyssenKrupp Steel

Jochen Mauch

(former) Euronics

Wolfgang Metze

Deutsche Telekom

Jutta Meyer

ProSiebenSat.1 Media

Waltraud Niemann


Oliver Oppermann

(former) Red Bull

Nicole Pfammatter

Hotelplan Suisse

Andreea Prange

AXA Schweiz

Peter Prislin

Hans im Glück

Simon Philip Rost

GE HealthCare

Bernd Rützler


Thorsten Scheib

Philip Morris

Gerald Schloegl

Miles & More

John Schlüter


Klaus Schmäing

Burger King

Susan Schramm

Motel One

Michael Schuld


Dr. Stephen Schuster

HdM Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart

Mike Schwanke


Fabian Seelenbrandt


Chaichana Sinthuaree

ASS Athletic Sport Sponsoring GmbH

Aleksandra Solda-Zaccaro

Caritasverband München

Anja Stolz

R+V Allgemeine Versicherung

Julia Straschil


Geraldine Tenten

(former) IBM

Dr. Jens Thiemer

(former) BMW

Goetz Trillhaas

Snap Inc.

Anja Ulrichs


Jan Van de Kamp


Lars Wagner

DeAPlaneta Entertainment

Simone Wastl


Christoph Weber


Dr. Julian Weiss

(former) RTL

Raphael Werner

LIDL Schweiz

Julian Wicht


Sabine Zantis


Steffen Zeller

Rügenwalder Mühle

Ralph Zimmerer


Lars Zirpins



Roland Adrian


Digital processes require customer trust. In this digital world, marketing and communication need to accompany customers with confidence.

Dr. Martell Beck

DB Cargo

Public companies can also significantly improve how they are perceived with clever marketing, even without a station being cleaner or a bus running more punctually. However, this requires having the courage to take new paths.

Birgit Berthold-Kremser

Brand communication based on purpose is a must these days – creating ‘beyond purpose identification’ is the icing on the cake.

Kirsten Brückner


In an increasingly fragmented world of communication where the background noise is very loud on all channels, only brands with a sophisticated marketing strategy will prevail. The CMO of the Year Award honours industry professionals who have mastered this challenge in an outstanding way.

Kirstin Brunkhorst

Froneri Ice Cream Deutschland

The mission of good brand management is to constantly imbue the purchasing decision with meaning.

Dr. Christian Deuringer


CMOs will make a difference if they not only master the ever-changing functional challenges but manage to inject purpose into an organization.

Boris Dolkhani


Think with a cool head, act with a hot heart. Lukewarm is boring!

Alexander Ewig


In times when the focus is on digital-first, two truths remain: everything for the customer and the brand makes the difference.

Erik Friemuth


As a tourism group, we have always marketed experiences rather than products. Today this makes us right on trend. I now see further potential in inspiring new, potential guests and retaining our customers in the long term, well beyond their holiday experience.

Marco Gottschalk


At the intersection between an increasingly strong visual communication and the almost food-like quality requirements of images and videos.

Rune Hoffmann

Asklepios Kliniken

The strength of a brand is not measured by its performance promise, but by its ability to be close to people and evoke emotions.

Niels Klamma


Brands need strong values to provide orientation, but they have to reinvent themselves almost daily in a dynamic market. That is the biggest challenge for me.

Julian Lennertz


There are challenger brands almost everywhere, except in the energy sector. We’re going to change that.

Waltraud Niemann


Progress is always possible - I look forward to exchange and inspiration

Frank Niewöhner


Marketing in the automotive sector? Creating emotions and enthusiasm without risking trust. I really enjoy being an “automotive” voice in the CMO Council!

Salvatore Ruggiero


In the future, the CMO’s task will not be to lead the competition between digital marketing and traditional marketing, but to integrate digital and traditional marketing.

Bernd Rützler


The customer is the focus of attention. Hasn’t that always been the case? And yes, marketing is becoming increasingly complex but that’s no reason to panic.

Sabine Schmittwilken

EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg

Change starts with ourselves, so creating a radically innovative brand was only the second most difficult task. But one of the best.

Dr. Stephen Schuster

Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart

To achieve long-term success, strong emotional brand experiences need to form the basis of customer communication, both digitally and in real life.

Fabian Seelenbrandt


When I’m at a loss, I ask my dog. He rarely has a solution, but the way he looks at me is so cute.

Anja Stolz

R+V Allgemeine Versicherung

In order to position marketing not only as a strategic leader, but also as a driver of value creation, marketing must become an ROI driver within the company.

Marcus van Marwick

ThyssenKrupp Steel

In the context of digital transformation, CMO also stands for Change of Marketing Organisation, i.e. consistently reviewing the value chain, culture and processes.

Volker Weinlein


Marketing expenses are not costs, but investments. We invest because we believe in the brand.

Dr. Julian Weiss


Emotion, relevance and reach are good ingredients, but it’s only the team who can make the perfect dinner out of them.

Julian Wicht


The CMO shouldn’t shy away from complexity but they should ensure that their office is located close to the CIO’s.


Yvonne Wicht

Yvonne Wicht

"CMO of the Year" Council

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