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Godo Röben

Director of Marketing & PR and R&D at Rügenwalder Mühle

Following the Innovation Day 2015, the partners of the Innovation Day and the media partners Capital, n-tv and W & V awarded the best Chief Marketing Officer of Germany as part of a gala event in Munich Residenz. After a dinner speech by Jürgen Kaube, publisher of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, about 300 guests witnessed the award presentation by Anke Schäferkordt, Co-CEO RTL Group and CEO Mediengruppe RTL Germany, to the winner: Godo Röben, Director of Marketing & PR and R&D at Rügenwalder Mühle.

Nominated were (in alphabetical order, see also below):

  • Jens Bischof, Lufthansa
  • Steffen Hornbach, Hornbach
  • Markus Mosa, Edeka
  • Godo Röben, Rügenwalder Mühle
  • Claudia Willvonseder, Ikea


“I am very pleased about this award and am proud that the exceptionally courageous step of the Rügenwalder Mühle in entering the vegetarian market is appreciated. In the last year the brand has been through a major transformation which has challenged each individual in the company and still challenges us, and precisely for this reason we are happy about this confirmation of our strategy.”



Matthias Dang

CEO IP Deutschland

“To push through an innovation is an achievement; to make it commercially viable from the start is the far greater accomplishment – whoever manages both has earned the title: CMO of the Year.”

Hans Demmel

CEO n-tv

“Godo Röbel has succeeded in an amazing balancing act; revitalising a traditional brand is difficult enough, but connecting the old brand values with an almost contradictory product in a way which keeps customer acceptance of both core brand and the expansion is certainly worth the award.”

Ronald Focken

Managing Director, Serviceplan Group

Our winner has earned the award because he has prevailed against both internal and external resistance to implement a new product concept. He is one of the few CMOs who has the backbone to consistently put their brand vision into practice.”


Florian Haller

CEO Serviceplan Group

In a medium-sized company which has always processed meat, introducing a vegetarian sausage demonstrates not only a feel for the market, but also powerful innovation and courage in their own organization.”


Dr. Jochen Kalka

Editor-in-Chief, W&V

“Godo Röben lives Marketing. Not only when it comes to sausages, but also when he brings completely surprising innovations into the world. Röben is courageous and groundbreaking. He knows the mechanisms of advertising and use them optimally.”


Thomas Lindner

Managing Director F.A.Z.

“The Rügenwalder Mühle has scored for years with its authentic campaigns. The traditional meat business is not only successful, but also has an excellent image. In this context, to introduce a meatless sausage is a bold coup. With this, Godo Röber has succeeded in a very special way: with the necessary flair and the necessary assertiveness. He deserves not only the title ‘CMO of the Year’, but also our greatest respect.”


Philip Missler

Director Amazon Media Group Germany

“Godo Röben is a role model for up-to-date, sustainable marketing and brand leadership in a fast changing economy. He not only managed to make a local sausage factory the most recognized brand in his industry; with the veggie-sausage products he showcased how a brand can be transformed while keeping its values.”


Ingo Müller

Head of Advertising Markets and Media Solutions, F.A.Z.

“Godo Röben is fully responsible for the very successful launch of a completely new and innovative product category, which is consistently geared to changing customer needs in the market. In the process he overcame much internal resistance with impressive tenacity . As a result his sustained actions changed the market and the behaviour of market participants. The meat-free product category has become, after a very short time, a very important new revenue pillar for Rügenwalder Mühle. We are therefore pleased to join Mr Röben in celebrating his success and the deserved award for his work, the ‘CMO of the Year’.”


Frank Vogel

Member of the Board G+J e|MS

“Godo Röben has impressively demonstrated that courage and disruptive thinking beyond core markets can sustainably payout. For me his introduction of vegetarian products has created a blueprint for modern innovation management in declining markets.”


Horst von Buttlar

Editor-in-Chief, Capital

“Godo Röben is the brains behind a successful revolution. With veggie products he has, despite great resistance, managed to reinvent an established company in a shrinking market.”