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Scaling Connected Commerce – Using the potential of a connected world

For years now, GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) have been determining what customers expect of connected commerce in terms of development speed, personalisation and networking. We will be showing how manufacturers and retailers who don’t have the same means as the Big Four can react to this, and how they can achieve success with today’s possibilities of the agile and networked world. Discuss with us the four major topics that need to be tackled:

1. Scaling teams

2. Scaling platforms

3. Scaling intelligence

4. Scaling agility

Find out how you can make the most of the full potential of your international project teams and which factors play a decisive role in that.

For retailers and manufacturers that aren’t in a position to keep up with GAFA, there are meanwhile a number of international business scaling options available:

scaling via international teams, scaling via (international) marketplace platforms, scaling via artificial intelligence and scaling via agile processes.


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Gerd Güldenast



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Adam Pidcock

Managing Partner & Founder

Luminescent Digital

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